Exciting Update!

As none of you are aware, I actually play my games on a MacBook Pro.
You may think, “Oh, how limiting.” And normally, you’d be right.
However, thanks to Crossover (a wonderful program) I can run almost 90% of windows applications on my mac. Actually, lately the only game that had been working was “Snow Sakura,” and I suppose that’s why I was writing a review on it first. I had found out I simply needed an update to my software, and now I have expanded my abilities to play more games I had previously. As such, I will not be reviewing Snow Sakura first anymore.
New games I now have access to are:

Kira Kira (I can continue now)

Da Capo II

GoGo Nippon!

My Girlfriend Is The President


Moero Downhill Night Blaze

I believe I will start again on Kira Kira. This game is a long one (30-50 hours) so I’ll try to get the review done by next wednesday AT THE LATEST.
Sadly, all the save data for ALL my games were deleted in this updating process. Including Snow Sakura (AGAIN, UGH.) However, I will do my best to update these as possible. Please check the currently playing thread to see my current status(es) on games. Ja Ne!

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