More News!

Hey everyone, haha.
I know I have yet to post a single review & I promised to have a Kira Kira review on wednesday.
yeah, not going to happen. Sorry.
Basically, I got my hands on D.C. ~Da Capo~ and Kotori Love Ex P, and so I want to play the Da Capo games I have first!
I will get back to the Kira Kira review later! Uhm, and so those three are going to take me a little while. The first Da Capo game has 30 – 50 hours of gameplay, and then anywhere from 20-60 hours for the other two combined!
I am going to be gone this coming friday through monday, so that means less playing!
I will, in all honestly this time, try my best to have “D.C. ~Da Capo~” done by thursday night!
Remember to always check Here for updates on my game statuses.
Ja Ne!

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