News – Jan. 21, 2013

Hey everyone, I just wanted to post a quick update. I ended up moving all my content to WordPress for various reasons~ Anyways, I shall be more active now, and I won’t promise anything I don’t actually complete te’hee c:
Anyways, a quick update on statuses in regards to my games, and what my plans are for upcoming reviews and so on.
I just got a hold of Rewrite, which so far has been amazing and so hilarious that I’ve fallen over laughing, and replayed some parts several times. Now, if you do your homework you’ll see that it is a rather long game (>50 hours). There are also several dynamics to the game besides routes that I’ll go into when I write my full review. I have been playing a good amount a day, so I hope to have this game done by next weekend. That’s a longer deadline, but to get 100% completion, theres a lot more than just routes. I’ll explain better in my full review. You may have also noticed that the first Da Capo game is on the currently playing, but that is on hold temporarily. Anyways! You can always check up on how far I am Here.
Ja Ne ~

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