News – March 8th, 2013

Mirai nikkiSO, about being done with Rewrite, hahahahahahahaha. no.
Well, a lot of things have happened… (<– notice my cliché anime line)

I just have been uh.. busy? well. sure. uh. yeah. Oh, I know what happened, my iphone turned into a system the can tell me the future, and then I found out there were others with this “future diary” system, and suddenly only one of us can live, and! What’s that? That’s already been done?..

Ah, so it has.
Well the truth is that I downloaded a new game called “A Profile.” I’ve been playing that basically. Uh. I’ll add it to the list HERE sometime during these next couple weeks or so..
I’m sorry for not finishing Rewrite, It’s just a very long game, and well even with the skip feature, theres A LOT of unique content for each route. Literally, it’s not like a little change in the story with the same elements. It’s COMPLETELY different from when you leave the common route and go onto one of the heroine’s. But it still gets old after 80 hours of playing it (LOL, random estimate). I will finish it when I return though, this I do promise (not that my word seems that reliable lately…).

That would mean, at the latest, March 23rd. That’s when the game will be done, with a review covering it done by the 24th!

Ja Ne ~

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2 Responses to News – March 8th, 2013

  1. Aaeru says:

    I could understand that, but I different cause I never finish games’
    usually I just play one route

    cool, A profile. can blog that too, it’s a short game I heard


    • soraniki says:

      Yeah, see that’s what my gaming style is normally like too. I’m not big on playing every route, but in order to give an accurate review, I just need to.
      Yeah, It seems to be really quick, and it has an enforced playing order. So the choices aren’t really important. That just makes it even faster to play.



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