I’m Not Dead! June 29th, 2013


Hello everyone!
There’s really no excuse for me to have bee gone this long other than college and such getting in the way of my time. Honestly, I probably should’ve been much more attentive & I apologize for my extremely long absence.


Although I haven’t been extremely active in the eroge community as of late, I have completed 2 or 3 visual novels since my last update, and should have reviews written up for them within the next couple weeks.
“Finally, some content!” – I know, right?

In other news, MoeNovel recently released the english adaption of the visual novel “If My Heart Had Wings.” If you’re like me, you may have been disappointed to hear that the age rating went from 18+ to 12+.
Normally this wouldn’t be a huge issue for me, because I more so care for the story than the H-scenes, but MoeNovel did more than simply remove the H-scenes. They also removed jokes, 40% of the CGs and removed (almost) anything relating to romance such as hugs, kissing, etc.

I was quite disappointed by their release, and for me being someone who is generally lenient in this type of issue, that’s a pretty big deal. If you are in love with the story in “If My Heart Had Wings,” then I highly recommend getting your hands on a Japanese copy of the game, and if you can’t read/speak Japanese, using a machine translator to play it (although these can be slightly unbearable at times).

Anyways, that’s all for now, I will be back with more content as soon as I get the chance, have a good weekend and fair winds!

Ja Ne ~

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2 Responses to I’m Not Dead! June 29th, 2013

  1. aaeru1 says:

    hey someone i know wants to work on a patch to re-add the h-scenes back into the game if you prefer to wait for that.
    ill probably end up doing the translations if no1 wants to, (really going to regret volunteering for this)


    • soraniki says:

      Ah that’s amazing! I was so disappointed at how much they cut from it.
      I’m probably going to buy the english version anyways, but if the patch does go into development, I’ll defiantly be keeping an eye on it.



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