And you thought it was all over, HA! Here I am, back again. After a 3 year hiatus I’ve returned to probably procrastinate all point of this blog once again. Gotchaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Gets! (double finger gun)

Anyways, here I am. Only took me about an hour to figure out I had an email specifically for this wordpress and couldn’t figure out what it was. HAHAHAhahahaaaaaaaa anyways, I plan to actually use this site now. Maybe. WHO KNOWS

I never stopped being a part of the community as a silent majority member who never actually says anything as a part of a community.. wait. Well I have been watching anime still, the good ol’ chinese cartoons, for 7 years. Been playing VN’s almost as long and I have many opinions to shout to the world just like every other self-righteous animu weeb out there.

With my horrible shit taste and over 2TB of anime that has passed through my eyeballs, I figure I should say something about it. Also I think I’m v funny, and want to be able to reference my own reviews so that I can remember what a show is when I look at a japanese title with 5 long words in it I still can’t properly read.

I hope you’ll enjoy what’s undoubted going to be the worst animu/vn/manga/ln reviews on the internet with THE MOST arbitrary rating system I can possibly conceive.

❤ Sora


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