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Air Gear

“Air Gear”

[Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Shounen, Sports]
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Nothing clever to post here, I love this anime with all my heart ❤4698257-3562472479-latest.jpg


Minami Itsuki never thought about seriously riding Air Treck motorized roller blades, until he got his butt handed to him by a street gang of Storm Riders. That day, he discovered in a locked up room, a pair of AT’s and a box of stickers belonging to the Sleeping Forest street gang. One thing leads to another, and Ikki dons the wheels and begins to ride. As his reputation builds in the AT street fighting/racing world, he begins to develop his own gang and participate in more fights, gaining more and more territory.

Plot/Storyline – 7/10

So I decided to do this instead of From the New World, simply because I didn’t quite finish it yet, and this is my favorite anime of all time. There’s so much I could say about this show, it’s hard for me to contain it to this post. Anyways, on with the totally unbias review!

So the plot basically revolves around our protag Ikki, who learns of rollerblades with small motors in the wheels. Now this technology is far beyond us, allowing people on them to accelerate based on foot pressure to incredibly high speeds (we’re talking like comparable to cars here). Basically the protag and his friends decide to learn how to use them, and create a team for racing, etc. The world that this anime is placed in is one of a massive underground community of racers and so on, known as “Storm Riders.” I’m not into sport stuff, so if that’s the image you’re getting, no. This is more like Durarara!! type underground stuff. The teams battle each other for territory as well as things like racing parts.

air trecksLooks simple when you put it that way. Googling this will bring up a ton of 13 year olds who think it’s possible to actually construct this, and their uninformed “engineering” advice on how to do so.

As it progresses, we learn a lot about different teams and their places in the underground, and also the team gains new members along the way. The basic idea is all here really, that’s the plot. It’s Ikki’s climb into the spotlight as he meets new people and his racing skills improve. It may sound dull, but being an action anime at heart, there is rarely any dull moments, the racing battles are high-octane and very intense. I personally also found learning more and more about the underground community to be really cool.

Nothing really to say about the manga that differs in this category.

Characters/Personalities – 6/8

The characters. Well, there are quite the number in this show. I’ll go over the general, and then some characters in specific this time.

So it’s your typical high school aged main cast, along with some older characters such as teachers and older storm riders (the teachers that actually have a good amount of screen time aren’t extras, and have a story of their own as well). There is normal types that you’d expect, the perverted friend, the good friend, the love interests, etc. The thing that separates these characters from a lot of anime is they act how you’d expect those in a somewhat “illegal (used liberally)” community to act. They’re more “tough” I guess, than what you’d find in a slice of life.

Kogarasumaru(ova).jpgYeah it was me, I fooked ya girl, SO?

Ikki – The main protag. To be honest I don’t love his personality. This is the cocky, immature, “I can do anything and conquer anyone” type personality. It’s annoying at times, but I guess it’s best put that he’s “playful.”

Ikki’s teammates – Not going to do them individually. They’re well defined, don’t get me wrong, just don’t want to write more of a novel than I already will be. So his closest friend Kazuma is the “in your shadow” type character, his self-confidence isn’t the best, and he looks up to Ikki. Onigiri is the perverted, ridiculous character. Buccha is the big panda in wolves clothing, nice at some times, brutal at others. Agito is the eye-patch split personality type, one side adores Ikki, the other is like a brutal murder.

The FAM – He lives with several female characters that aren’t blood related. No they are not his personal harem. The oldest is tough and like to beat Ikki up. The next in line is similar in that she won’t take Ikki’s shit. The next is Ringo who has a bigger part than the rest, she loves Ikki. The final is the youngest who has some.. interesting personality quirks and is also a good engineer. They are all good Air Trek riders (sorry if this spoils something, but it’s pretty obvious right away).

Simca – Ikki’s love interest and a storm rider, she is quite important in the story, especially in the manga continuing after the anime. Simca best girl ❤

Qosay_Animes_031oh simca, my love, my life, mai waifu

There’s quite a few other important characters, but I’ll let you see that for yourself.

Art/Animations – 5/6

The animation and art isn’t great to be quite frank. I’d say for the time it came out, it was about average or so (2006).

NOW for the manga that’s an entirely different story. The art is SO good. Some of the most detailed, intricate art I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing.

7fe1f1d21480200b359e89df3d04abdc53b0229f0801bb336a281ca9.jpgThis quality is about what you’ll see, on every. damn. page.

Combined, I’ll give this a 5. For only the anime, probably would get a 3.

Music/SFX – 6/6

This is one point that really shines in this show. After watching close to 300 animes in my time, this has the ABSOLUTE BEST soundtrack you will ever hear. It’s absolutely amazing and very different from anything else you’ve heard in anime, I guarantee it. Don’t believe me, check it out: OST on YouTube

So so good.

Memorability/Emotion/Purpose – 5/6

This anime is very different from anything else I’ve seen. So to say it’s memorable would be accurate, of course this is somewhat my own bias, but nonetheless.

Emotion? I think yes. Now the characters and dialogue isn’t some amazing masterpiece or anything, and yes it is cheesy at times. However, I will say that this anime will make you dream. It’s a very freeing feeling watching it, and the soundtrack is so good that you can’t help but be engrossed in it. I love this show. There’s so many emotions that flood me when I hear so much as the OP song or see a picture of a character. Well well well done.

Purpose, well it’s supposed to be an action anime right? So I guess it accomplishes that well.

Appropriate Proportions – 3/4

Hmm. This is a bit hard to say. In an action anime, the amount of  “action” scenes should be higher, and this show delivers a good amount of them. There’s also a sprinkle of dialogue explaining things, and some comedy here and there as well as serious and dramatic parts. I’ll give this a 3.


Plot/Storyline: 7/10
Characters/Personalities: 6/8
Art/Animations: 5/6
Music/SFX: 6/6
Memorability/Emotion/Purpose: 5/6
Appropriate Proportions: 3/4
Overall Score: 32/40 Very Good
kururu is so adorbs

Shit-taste overall score: 8/10

This score is for people that watch animes as fans of the genera, and are not as interested in comparing it with shows from other genera. Therefore I give a separate out of 10 score, for those curious how good I think it does within it’s main genera type(s).

This may be considered sub-par by many, and to be honest I’m not sure what about this hit me so hard as to make me love it so much. I guess I love the whole idea of this underground community that has these amazing skates that let them wall ride, fly through the sky, or travel at extreme speeds. The sense of freedom and independence is amazing. Also the soundtrack. Amazing. From the New World next, seriously.

Agree? Disagree? Other lame opinions you want to share with me about my shit taste? Comment below ❤




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