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Take the pill and see how far down the rabbit hole really goes



The story follows Kaizaki Arata, a 27-year-old jobless man, who fails at every job interview he had after quitting his last company. His life changes after he met Yoake Ryou of the ReLife Research Institute, who offered him a drug that can change his appearance to 17-years-old and to become a subject in an experiment for one year. Thus, he begins his life as a high school student once more.

(Source: MU)

Plot/Storyline – 7/10

So the plot for this show is pretty interesting. It’s always nice to get a show with an original idea. At least as far as my knowledge goes, there hasn’t been anything like this show before. Oddly, this show was released as a batch from the start, I was able to marathon the entire show on “day 1” of the new anime season. AWESOME.

tumblr_o9q9cfjex01s1wx8oo1_1280This show was supposed to be about saving NEETs, not making them!

So basically we are introduced to the main character and he’s given the opportunity to turn back the clock and become a high schooler again for one year. The premise is that this would allow the “subjects” as they are called, to change their lifestyles for the better (It would appear this is a type of NEET rehabilitation deal).

It was really interesting to have a main character that wasn’t “actually” a teenager, even though we do get the typical highschool setting. Overall the story is a lot of slice of life type stuff with some romance mixed in. We follow the protag in his various attempts to help the friends he makes and influence those around him, while also changing himself as a person. They did a good job making sure the original idea takes hold throughout the show, it isn’t like “episode 1 he becomes a teen again, now time for a regular rom-com that never mentions the plot again!” It is interesting to see how he uses his knowledge as an adult masquerading as a teen to help his friends in various ways. All in all, it’s pretty lighthearted, some pretty good comedy (episode 3? made me laugh my ass off), and a little bit of drama.

We also get some looks at the past of the protag, and learn more about him and his friends as characters as we go along. All in all, a simple idea, but well executed and it was fun to watch (other than the 3 episodes that focus on an issue between one girl and her friend I found boring and drawn out, but other than that, good).

Characters/Personalities – 6/8

ReLIFE-01-14-1280x720Give er’ the fish eyes

The main protag is of course what you’ll want to know about. Refreshing is what I’d say about his personality. He’s a good guy, not pervy, not obnoxious, not a creepy loner. He’s just your average nice guy that went through an experience that changed things for him. I really liked the protag. The supporting characters are also all quite good. There is some elements of cliché in their personalities, but it’s not bad or annoying or overdone. The cast was quite good, and I enjoyed watching their daily escapades.

I’d say more here, but since it’s a slice of life, there’s not really much to say. They all have personalities but it’s just “normal” people so I can’t list off their secret powers or something one by one. I’ll just leave it at the characters were all quite well done, good amount of focus on each, and they made the show enjoyable to watch.

Art/Animations – 4/6

Pretty good. Nothing too special, nothing really bad either. I GIVE IT THE MAGICAL 4

Music/SFX – 4/6

Music was a bit on the light side, with some really nice piano pieces that I enjoyed. I’m tempted to give it a 5 but I won’t, just because it’s a bit light and hard to really say if it would have been better with more music.

Memorability/Emotion/Purpose – 5/6

Hmm, to me slice of life aren’t particularly memorable, and it’s not some extremely “feels-y” type show that leaves some kind of massive impact either. I’m sure I’ll remember what the show is about if I hear the title, but there wasn’t anything that REALLY stuck out to me. -1

Emotion is so-so. I don’t think it was made to be some super dramatic “make the audience cry” show, so it completed it’s agenda in that regard. I throughly enjoyed watching it, and although there are moments that would perhaps make you think, overall it’s pretty lighthearted.

Purpose seemed to be to tell a slice of life with a pretty interesting twist, well done if so.

Appropriate Proportions – 3/4

I’d give this a 4 if episodes 9-11 (I think?) or whichever focus on the volleyball part weren’t so strung out. The protag doesn’t get a lot of screen time here, and I think they might have derailed a bit by focusing so much there. Otherwise there wasn’t much problem with pacing or anything. -1


Plot/Storyline: 7/10
Characters/Personalities: 6/8
Art/Animations: 4/6
Music/SFX: 4/6
Memorability/Emotion/Purpose: 5/6
Appropriate Proportions: 3/4
Overall Score: 29/40 Good


ooohhhhh? was it that good? huehuehuehueh

Shit-taste overall score: 8/10

This score is for people that watch animes as fans of the genera, and are not as interested in comparing it with shows from other genera. Therefore I give a separate out of 10 score, for those curious how good I think it does within it’s main genera type(s).

I really enjoyed this show. I don’t know why it was all released together instead of aired normally, and I’m far too lazy to find out. From the New World you say? huh, I didn’t even consider reviewing that yet. ❤

Agree? Disagree? Other lame opinions you want to share with me about Britian leaving the UK? Comment below ❤




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