Not As Planned™

So I released chapter 1 of the WN I’m attempting to write.

To put it bluntly, it was terrible. Upon reading it myself I thought, “why in the hell did I post this absolute garbage.”

To make up for my horrible mistake, I re-wrote all of it as a prologue… And I when I say re-wrote I mean the only thing that made it through was a couple of the side character names.

Because  I have decided I want much better QC on my writing after that almost-disaster, I am currently in the editing phase of the prologue.

Hopefully the prologue will be up tonight at some point, and perhaps you’ll be willing to give it a chance and see if it is up your alley. I will add a synopsis to the landing page right after/before I upload the finished product.

That page can be found here: REBIRTH LANDING PAGE WOAAHHH

I’ll be thankful for any feedback ❤

Keep on watching the chinese cartoons.

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