Rebirth Ch.1 Progress Update

Normally I wouldn’t post so quickly after the last release (only a day or so ago). However, I was excited by the traffic from RoyalRoad and so I’m going to begin writing ch.1 earlier than usual.

I have an outline of what I want to occur in Ch.1, but I haven’t put any words to paper just yet. That said, I plan to start shortly after I post this.

Since I will be writing in a slightly different format (which I’ll detail shortly), this chapter will likely take a few days to complete. I have been known to write a lot faster than I expect though, so who knows.

The changes that will be happening starting with this chapter on are as follows:

  • Inclusion of Japanese honorifics (In most situations).

  • Harder QC/Editing on “tense usage.” Although I think I’m pretty good about this, I have noticed a few times where I write something “happened” rather than “happens.”

  • A looooot less commas. I like commas. I use, way, way, way,,,,, too many though.

  • Fewer perspective changes. I want to limit these to one per chapter at most, but there will be some exceptions. This should be much easier to complete in the coming chapters, as the characters that have been introduced won’t be very active in this arc (They’ll come back, no worries). With that in mind, it’s going to be a lot easier to write solely from the MC’s perspective.

Probably more, but those are a few of the things you will notice.

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