Rebith ch.2 progress

I said it would be out on Sunday (yesterday), but I ended up being busy with some miscellaneous irl things. That said, I’m working on the chapter right now and it will be out today(about 2.5k words down right now, so 30-50% done). 

I could probably release it in a few hours, but I might wait to put it out until around 6pm. I think it may get more exposure that way but we’ll see. 

I added the titles for the next few chapters if you’re absolutely dying to get a small hit of what’s to come. Subject to change™

Anyways, I hope you’ll enjoy the story. 

I also wanted to mention that I wrote I update the novel every 5-15 days, and yet I have been pushing new chapters out around 4-5 days apart. I applaude myself. 


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