Dedicated LF Artists & Editors Post


So you’re an artist and/or an editor eh? I’m going to put a bit of what I’m looking for here. If it sounds like something you’d be interested in, leave a comment below or contact me here.


I wrote a little about what I want below, but I am happy to talk with you about any ideas you have, or requests you’d make. This is a selfish request for people who are interested; I’m not trying to sign contracts here, so everything is open for discussion.

Your skill as an Artist or Editor doesn’t have to be professional tier, so feel free to contact me and we’ll talk about it.


I would like people who can do any/all of the following things:

Anime-esque/fantasy character drawings (from descriptions I give you, feel free to interpret). Any medium of art is fine.

Map design (Can be pretty simple, but I would like to make several different maps such as ones of the castle/school grounds, certain cities, etc.) I can give you the outline of the continents used on my main map if you’d like.

Misc. scenes or drawings of anything described in the novel, anything that sticks out to a creative mind (such as a drawing of the Headmaster’s office described in prologue part 1).

Naturally credit of any kind will be happily given to you (Name, hyperlinks, etc.). Whatever you want, as long as it is reasonable. That said, this is more of something I want from those of you who enjoy reading it. I will consider paying you if you’d like, however keep in mind I am a college student so the most I can likely do is give you a tip. Negotiable.

Also I don’t intend to “order” you to draw anything. This is more like an open call for anyone who’s looking for something to draw. Anything you’d like to make will be appreciated, used & credited (with your permission of course).


I would like someone who can go through and fix basic things such as improperly used words and grammar mistakes. It would also be fine to clean up some of my “passive tone” writing (you should know what that means).

I am a native English speaker so there’s not going to be a ton of unusual work involved, but I would enjoy having someone who is dedicated and can also give me thoughts on pacing, events, etc. That said, I’m not looking for a co-author, just basic opinions here and there would be appreciated (not required).

Of course the work includes all the usual editor stuff, you’re also free to credit yourself/write a “hello” type message at the top of each chapter with mine, and add (EDN: This is a comment) in the actual chapters if you feel the need for a short explanation.

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