Rebirth Update – Sorry for Radio Silence!

So it’s been several weeks since the estimated time for the next chapter’s release. Totally my bad.

Not going to apologize because I don’t really have an excuses to make, I’ve been spending more time focusing on my game development over writing. That’s the true reason, nothing else to say.

As such, (and I hate saying this), Rebirth has entered an official “Hiatus” status.

I would like to be specific about that however, and so I will be saying that it will remain in “Hiatus” for only a couple more weeks at most.

And while I would love to say, “That’s 100% true and confirmed,” it’s not really. I am saying a couple more weeks at most, assuming several variables stay the same as they are now.

Either way, I will update you guys exactly ONE WEEK from today (Or perhaps a couple days earlier than that) with more details.

Thank you all for reading!

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