ReBiRtH sTuFf

YO. Hello my friends and readers and valuable audience members, to the velvet room.

So I completed the mysterious and long awaited ch. 4. I would personally give this chapter a perfect 5/7 for amazing quality.

Jokes aside, this chapter was kinda meh in my opinion, but it’s good to be critical about your own work, and so I will work harder in the future.

I have a few things I want to set the stage for in the story, but I’m wondering when the right time is to introduce them, hmm. It also feels like after writing about our protag at this age, it’s quite difficult to find interesting things for a 3 year old to be doing.

I can’t wait for him to grow up so I can send him on perilous adventures which will certainly be more interesting.

That said, the speed at which he ages is up to me I guess, although I don’t want to rush it and make it seem as though I got bored with it. Either way, once this arc is over, the time which passes during each chapter will be less.

No more ” a few months passed” etc. I personally hate doing that, but it’s required if I want to keep the reader informed on his age and the timescale. I probably won’t do that much after this arc.

Anyways, just a bit of a information I felt like dumping.

Ch. 5 is going to have some interesting stuff in it probably. I’m already thinking about the structure of the next few chapters, and ch. 7 is probably where we’ll see some more in-depth developments occurring, so be excited for that.

Anyways, thanks for reading, see you guys in a few days for some more progress info stuff!

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