Update & Thoughts


I will begin writing the next chapter for rebirth within a couple days, now that I have gotten the ideas behind the upcoming parts hammered down somewhat… It’s a bit late to start now, but I can run through 5k words in only a day or two if I have a good feeling about what I’m writing.

That said, I don’t recommend or endorse that style of writing, as it lacks the “sleeping on it” factor a bit, due to speed.

I have always wondered how web novel authors who pump out a chapter a day (albeit short chapters) manage to explore all the possibilities for those stories. Perhaps because they write so much they don’t think about it so much, saying “I can just add in other cool ideas later” because of the pace?

That said, I do have respect for those kinds of massive stories that have gone on for years. People are quick to judge, but it’s easy to imagine how difficult it is to keep a coherent story whilst releasing frequent chapters for such a long time.

I forget things I’ve written all the time, or after writing something- wish I had done it another way.

Rebirth isn’t likely to be my only story, so I get past it by telling myself that I will remember it for next time.

Even if that next time is only a chapter away, or even perhaps 30 years from now if I decided to write then. I think it’s important to remember the thoughts and experiences you have as you write- if not, how can you improve?

Anyways, that was a bit much, but I like to express my thoughts earnestly every now and again.

Thank you for continuing to read!


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