Finally – Professional, Quality VN Translators

Hello everyone!

I was recently taking a look at FuwaNovel to see the upcoming translated VNs, looking for anything that might be good coming out soon.

I saw that there was a new company that had taken the scene (which has been happening more often past couple years) and noticed their mission statement.

If you don’t know who I’m talking about, it’s NekoNyan, and they announced several projects they are working on including:


Not only is it very exciting to get a bunch of new games translated, but what really excited me was their “mission statement.” I’ll link to a great post on their site about the new translations and general information, but I wanted to highlight some things in the post that I think are what VN fans have been waiting for:

“Our goal is to be as transparent as possible. And not just transparent, we want to be more directly involved with the community, which is also one of the reasons you’re seeing forums on our website. We want those forums to be one more additional place where we can all exchange opinions conveniently.”

“No crowdfunding. The first few releases have already been fully funded using our own, private money, so no worries there. We’re likely going to offer pre-orders, though, and throw in some extras there for those who really want to support us ahead of release. Don’t worry though, pre-order bonuses will also be included in all purchases up to a few weeks after release.”

“Our games will be released on Steam, and also other platforms, including our own store, where we’re going to distribute the unrated versions of the games. One of the things you’re going to get, though, is uncensored patches for the Steam version. Those uncensored patches are going to be available for free on our website. It doesn’t make any sense to us to paywall Steam users from that content when they’re paying the exact same money. We feel like that’s simply not the right thing to do.”

This is just a slice of the aforementioned post which I recommend you to go read, but it’s something that I was personally, very happy to read. Amidst the general bullshit that translation companies have done lately (Looking at you, MoeNovel) in terms of QC,  making us pay extra for 18+ patches (what?), and unneccessary “chaptered” releases, I am happy to see a company with the slogan, “From Fans for Fans.”

That’s really all I wanted to say, but please show these guys some love! I know that there are many out there who pirate visual novels, but it’s not an incredibly strong market here in the west, so I’d like to ask everyone to consider purchasing from companies like this one.

It might seem like I’m really worshipping these guys, and it’s totally possible that the work they produce will be sup-par or disappointing. However, I think a company that has this mindset is in the right place, and I will happily re-evaluate if they give me some reason to lose faith. As it stands though, I’ve got high hopes for them!


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