Fureraba – Semi-review/Update thing?


“~Friend to Lover~”

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Lots of “choices”



So this isn’t really going to be a review because I haven’t  yet finished the game, however I wanted to comment on the translation “quality” and so on from NekoNyan.

I won’t bore you with long specific information, and as I do not have the Japanese version of the game on hand, it would be meaningless.

The fact of the matter is that NekoNyan went down the path of translating so the audience would get the intended effect. What that means in simple terms is, the translation is figurative, not exact.

So for example, there is a part where the protagonist thinks to himself, in the context of playing hide-and-seek, “I am a literal god at this game.” Something along those lines (I know I JUST said I wasn’t going to do specific examples, but bear with me here), and although like I mentioned, I do not have the Japanese game, I think it’s fair to assume that’s not what he said in Japanese.

Now, I could be wrong. Maybe that IS what he said, so don’t take that as a 100% truth, but nonetheless, the intended understanding is clear. There are many cases of things like that throughout the game, where I thought to myself, “There’s no way it said that in the original game.” For some, this may be disappointing. I understand that many of us prefer the translation to be as literal as possible.

I am in that camp as well, usually. Now, I want to say that the way NekoNyan has gone about translating the game has caused me no problems whatsoever. Even though I am a bigger fan of the “direct” translation, I believe it was handled tastefully, and reminds me more of how a professional translation would be done in literature. I’m sure that many of you will disagree, but if stuff like that is meaningless to you, by all means pick the game up.

Once again for clarity- It may be that the Japanese version is using more “western” terminology and the translation is direct, but I don’t personally believe it is.

Still WORTH. Would reccomend to all VN fans to pick it up, unless you are super bothered by that style of translation.

As for the game itself, meh. The way choices work in the game is a “Select who you want to talk to today” system, and while novel and somewhat interesting at first, becomes very old in my opinion. To follow a girl’s route, you must choose topics they are interested in, and respond within those conversations the way they would like.

To me, it makes the protagonist feel more like a sociopath that is trying to get the girl interested with manipulation than anything else, but overall the game has been pretty good. I’m not too terribly far into it, but I would have wished for a longer common before entering this filler, “choose a 2 minute conversation” thing. Which you have to do like.. 25 times I believe?

There may be good story after you’ve gotten on a route, but honestly I’m always more interested in what is happening before the girl is fully locked in, rather than after that- when the story usually becomes a static 2 or 3 easily forseen events. That might just be me though.

Anyways, I hope that you are all having a good week and will enjoy Fureraba should you choose to grab a copy!

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