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Greyblood (Grayblood?) – A concept

OH just ignore this post… Something something, greyblood grayblood do do doo Basically this post is just to remind me of something I may or may not do in the future.

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Fureraba – Semi-review/Update thing?

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Fureraba “~Friend to Lover~” [VNDB] | [Publisher (NekoNyan)] Lots of “choices”   So this isn’t really going to be a review because I haven’t  yet finished the game, however I wanted to comment on the translation “quality” and so on … Continue reading

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Quicky! NekoNyan first release avaliable!

Hello again, just wanted to write a short post to inform everyone (if you didn’t know already) NekoNyan has released their first translated VN. I made a post talking about them a bit, which you can read here. I wanted … Continue reading

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Finally – Professional, Quality VN Translators

Hello everyone! I was recently taking a look at FuwaNovel to see the upcoming translated VNs, looking for anything that might be good coming out soon. I saw that there was a new company that had taken the scene (which … Continue reading

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1/Backslash Musing

(Picture mostly, 95%, unrelated) Yokosou~ Apparently I’m going to start a small series of posts that has to do with musings I’m having, it’s not something I need to post, but sometimes I feel inclined to write what’s on my … Continue reading

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Hello dear friends

Yo, been awhile since I’ve posted anything. Been working on a new game, so that’s been eating all my time up, and probably will be for a considerable amount of time. I’d love to be someone who is workaholic enough … Continue reading

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Rebirth update 10million

Hello all, as you may have noticed Rebirth did not resume the regular release schedule as planned. It seems that life is more variable than I had guessed it would be, and therefore it’s going to re-enter the “It comes … Continue reading

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