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Hello dear friends

Yo, been awhile since I’ve posted anything. Been working on a new game, so that’s been eating all my time up, and probably will be for a considerable amount of time. I’d love to be someone who is workaholic enough … Continue reading

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Rebirth update 10million

Hello all, as you may have noticed Rebirth did not resume the regular release schedule as planned. It seems that life is more variable than I had guessed it would be, and therefore it’s going to re-enter the “It comes … Continue reading

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Just a normal update to betray reader trust, as usual. You thought the chapter was gonna come out soon! But it was me, Dio! Jokes aside, gonna take a few extra days on this one, but really, isn’t that expected … Continue reading

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Update & Thoughts

Hello! I will begin writing the next chapter for rebirth within a couple days, now that I have gotten the ideas behind the upcoming parts hammered down somewhat… It’s a bit late to start now, but I can run through … Continue reading

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ReBiRtH sTuFf

YO. Hello my friends and readers and valuable audience members, to the velvet room. So I completed the mysterious and long awaited ch. 4. I would personally give this chapter a perfect 5/7 for amazing quality. Jokes aside, this chapter … Continue reading

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【Chapter Four – Learning 「Nature」 Magic…】

「This chapter is 4 months latee~~」 「You’re 4 months late!  gottttteemmm」 Jokes aside, sorry about the hiatus. I wrote about it on my site, but since I’m sure many of you don’t check that often, I have been pretty busy … Continue reading

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Yo! It’s been a while! Rebirth News!

AYYY whatup my not-so-vocal and also not-so-large group of “fans.” Fans sounds a bit much, but I can’t think of a better term so bear with me (readers perhaps…). SOOOOO, being totally accurate with my time estimates as I usually … Continue reading

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