This is a couple days late, sorry about that. Rebirth will be remaining in Hiatus for a couple more weeks most likely. Will continue to update.

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Rebirth Update – Sorry for Radio Silence!

So it’s been several weeks since the estimated time for the next chapter’s release. Totally my bad. Not going to apologize because I don’t really have an excuses to make, I’ve been spending more time focusing on my game development … Continue reading

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Sorry for hiatus! A bunch of irl stuff kept happening one after another, but I am not dead and neither is Rebirth! The chapter will be out in the next couple days. ~Sora

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Rebirth ch 4 update again

Sorry about the chapter being late, ended up having to delay it bc of irl stuff. Today I have to go to a wedding and tomorrow a pinning ceremony so it’ll be a couple more days yet. Hope you’re all … Continue reading

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Ch 4 update

Hey guys, got busy this week so I wasn’t able to finish the chapter. It’s about 60-75% done though, I will finish & release it on monday! Thanks for reading ~Sora

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REbirith chp. 4 Updooott

YO, working on ch. 4 right now, but I don’t know if I’ll finish it today. If it’s not out by tonight, look for it fri-sat. Thanks for r e a d i n g ~Sora

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【Chapter Three – Language of Rebellion】

Back at it again with the Chapter 3. Sorry, outdated meme. So, chapter 3. The last somewhat slow chapter for a while. Alright… I can hear your upset groans through my computer. Look, I know everyone loooves slow, tedious, infodump … Continue reading

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