By: Soraniki

[Adventure][Romance][Comedy][Action][Supernatural][School Life][Fantasy][Magic][Drama][Seinen][Harem]

Summoned… and reincarnated? No demon king to kill, no princess to give Alastor-san a quest… Just why was he summoned to a new world? By whom? Only time will tell, as our main character travels a fantasy world in search of answers, while picking up a few friends along the way.

Rebirth is a reincarnation-styled web novel. If you like that genre, then this might be something you enjoy! I personally find the “Heroes summoned to kill the Demon King” plot to be a bit boring, so I thought I’d put my own spin on it. At heart the story will feature many different elements including: combat, romance (a little bit of harem, but not that grossly overdone kind), politics, adventuring, school life, magic, the whole fantasy shabang.

Give it a shot and see if it’s up your alley. The prologues are not “Before the summoning” types either, and I really must recommend you read those first.

I’m planning on going for the long haul here, don’t expect an ending to the story for a considerable amount of time.

Outside of reading the chapters on my site below, you can find them on HoneyfeedRoalRoadL & Wattpad if you prefer. I write under the name “Soraniki.”

Note From the Author | World Dictionary

Table of Contents

【Before The Beginning】

Prologue Part One – A Rude Awakening

Prologue Part Two – An Unlikely Conclusion?

Prologue Part Three – Cliff, Crow, Collusion

Prologue Part Four – The End of the Beginning

【Birth By Baptism】

Chapter 1 – Trial by… Holy Water?

Chapter 2 – First Contact

Chapter 3 – Language of Rebellion

Chapter 4 – Learning 「Nature」 Magic…


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