Rebirth World Dictionary

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Welcome to the World Dictionary page. This page contains links to books “written” by characters in the Rebirth world, holding information on all known magic, races, characters, etc. These pages will be updated along with the story.


Wanted to know more about a character? Haven’t read in a while and wanted a refresher? This is the place to learn about organizations and characters – Alastor’s Journal.


On the planet Craten there are many races. Humans, Elves, Sirens, Djinn, Beastkin, Dragons, Gods & Lesser Gods, Demons, Etherials, Spirits, and more. Information on these beings can be found on the Races Page.


There are many interesting creatures, monsters and plant-life to be found on Craten. Documents containing information on these subjects can be found here.

Plants/Wildlife (Non-Monsters)

Want to know more about the Non-Monster animals and plants? This is the place to do it.


Castles, cities, continents, etc. Anything worth mapping can be found here.

Maps will be added and updated as time progresses.


All the schools of magic, information on their classification, how they work, and specific spells are all here.